For new websites
websites ranking above 100 on Google for relevant terms
Development of 2 bots of your choice
Promotion of up to 15 custom-selected terms
Version updates and improvements - at no cost
Contract period - no commitment
For advanced
For websites already on their way and wanting a boost to the first page
Development of 4 custom bots tailored to the website
Promotion of 30 custom-selected terms
Personal client portal
Progress report at the end of each month
Version updates and improvements - at no cost
Contract period - no commitment
For businesses that prefer that we do the promotion for their clients
הצעת מחיר מותאמת אישית בהתאם לכמות הלקוחות שיש לכם ולכמות מילות המפתח שתרצו לקדם עבור כל קליינט שלכם. מסלול זה מבוסס תוצאות.
15 websites or more
Development of 4 bots for each client
Promotion of 25 terms for each client
Client portal for each client
Progress report at the end of each month
Version updates and improvements - at no cost
Contract period - no commitment


We came to organize things for you, we have compiled for you the most frequently asked questions that were asked to us and the answers to them.

Each website has a different ranking in Google, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We have clients who have seen results in the first week, while others have seen results after three months or more. The time frame varies depending on the level of difficulty and competition in your niche, as well as the keywords you have chosen to promote. However, based on accumulated experience, we can say that you can start seeing positive results from the second or third month and even reach the first page.

Look, we love to generate results. Our phone calls are always pleasant, and you can feel the customer's smile on the other side. We do not require you to commit to any specific period. On the contrary, all the responsibility and burden of proof are on us, so we work month by month.

At the end of each month, you receive a progress report from us, which details all the keywords you have chosen, the positions you were in before starting the campaign, and your current rankings. If you are satisfied with the progress and give us approval, we continue for another month together. However, if for any reason in the world you are not satisfied or do not wish to continue, we simply stop the bots and terminate the promotion because we only have customers who choose to stay.

In principle, we have already helped many new websites find their way to the top. The thing with new websites is that they simply have no authority in Google, so it requires more time and effort to achieve results. However, as we have mentioned before, the bots work 24/7 and do not rest until they achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, even with a new website, it is possible to reach the first page.

Based on past experience, new websites have taken us approximately 6 months to rank well for competitive and difficult keywords. But each case is unique, so we assess each website before starting the promotion to ensure that we can indeed deliver results. If your website is found to be unsuitable for promotion, we will inform you of the situation and not proceed with the work without a good chance of success.

In order to prevent the bot from being detected by Google, we operate it according to several paranoid parameters:

Intensity – The bot's activity is adjusted to simulate browsing habits in terms of day and time. For example, on Sunday afternoons, it is much more active than during the night between Friday and Saturday. This action helps us stay under the radar, unlike abnormal activity during inactive hours.

Dynamic VPN – Meaning that IP addresses are constantly changing. This ensures that each visit is unique in terms of both IP and user, making each visit different from the previous one.

User Agent – In other words, every time the bot performs an action to promote your website, it not only changes the IP address but also the operating system, device type, and browser type. All of this is done to show Google that each visit is a unique one, different from the previous one.

Steady but moderate growth – We increase the intensity of the bot's activity by 4.2-4.7% per week (the exact number is determined randomly by the computer), ensuring that we grow at a consistent pace and, more importantly, at a reasonable rate to minimize risks. Still waters run deep 🙂

High efficiency and intensive work – A bot performs a massive number of promotion actions compared to "human" promotion, which is limited by the number of actions that can be performed simultaneously.

Bots are specifically built for your website and work exclusively for you – In a regular advertising company, you are just one client among dozens or hundreds, so the advertising agency needs to divide its budget and resources among everyone. This means that the person responsible for promoting your website is also responsible for another 100 websites, sometimes even including your competitors. This results in very slow progress. With us, the bot works solely on your website non-stop.

Bots work 24/7: they are the employees of tomorrow – There are no sick days, holidays, coffee breaks, etc. The bots work hours, days, and nights without interruption until they reach the predefined goal: the first page of Google. And even then, they continue working and maintaining the results.

In general, based on market research we have conducted and our knowledge of other bots in the field, there are a small number of bots on the web that pretend to do the promotion work. However, most of these bots simply post articles on forums, even though Google no longer gives significant weight to articles as it used to, especially when they are randomly published online without any relevance.

Additionally, most of the bots we have encountered perform a simulation of website visits, but their browsing activity is entirely basic – they just enter the website, wait for 1-2 minutes on the homepage, and then leave. This action has no significance for Google!

In contrast, our bots are specifically built for your website and are programmed to browse for 5-8 minutes, navigating through all the pages and even scrolling the page up and down, just like a regular person would do when visiting a site. This demonstrates to Google the quality and relevance of your website's content and therefore receives serious attention from Google.

Furthermore, in the market, to the best of our knowledge, there are no bots that can elevate a client's website to the search results page alongside their competitors. This unique development of ours ensures that every time someone searches for your competitors, your website will also appear together with them in Google's search results. This way, you gain exposure to your competitors' audience completely for free 🙂

Our bots know how to maximize the SEO work done by the website builder through HTML analysis. As a software company, every bot's specification is done with the "developer's glasses" on.

HTML analysis of the client's website and competitors
Use of H2, H3 headings as a basis for targeted keywords recognized by Google's spider
Human-like typing activities
Usage of links only from Israeli websites
The bot demonstrates referral activity towards the website from other Israeli websites
The bot utilizes social networks to strengthen your website in Google's eyes.

We have been using this technology for almost 5 years, and to this day, we have not encountered a single case where a client's website was blocked by Google due to the use of bots.

The answer is somewhat complex, but we will explain the aspect that prevents Google from blocking your website. Consider the reverse scenario for a moment: if Google were actually to close down every website that uses bots to promote itself, it would create endless chaos. After all, if it were so easy, what would prevent you from paying someone to use bots and generate fictitious visits to your competitors' sites in order to get Google to block them? If Google truly blocked websites, this method could potentially lead to the closure of hundreds of websites, even if they didn't actually promote their sites with bots. Therefore, Google exercises patience in this domain, and currently, the maximum they do, if they do recognize that it involves bots, is simply not counting or considering the visits that come from them.

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